Legal Policies

Last modified: 18 June 2018


This website is a product of ReallyCool Consulting, LLC, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Our goal is to work with mobile vendors around the world, wherever they are at any given time. We know this can change several times each day, which is why we are doing this. This is a lofty, but worthy goal.

The scope of our focus is global, and so we will attempt to honor the laws, practices, and policies required and expected in each locality, by aiming for a common set of minimum policies for our platform. Our primary goal is to serve mobile vendors as our customers, but at the same time we want to honor privacy and fairness concerns wherever you are.


We author most of our content, including these legal terms and policies, in English, then translate to other languages. In most cases we are using machine translation, which means the quality of the translation may not be ideal. We do want to have some control over these translations, and we would like to avoid letting your web browser translate for us if we can.

Eventually we would like to have some translation professionals take a look at our words and make them work well in your language. As a small startup, we have a wish list, and this is one of the items on that list. Until then, we must suffer poor translation, or English, or both.

Because the translations are automated, they can only be considered informative, not authoritative. We can only follow our terms and policies as they are written and presented in English. We apologize for this.


Links to each of the policy documents are at the bottom of every page on this site.