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Every entrepreneur knows the joy and excitement that comes with bringing an idea from concept to reality, when we share our passion and hard work with the world. This platform has been an idea and a passion project for a long time, and at long last the project is about to launch, and every mobile vendor, organizer, host, and customer in the world is invited to take part in these efforts to make Portable Variety an easy and fun part of Every Day!

By signing up to take part in the beta, you will receive notice prior to the actual beta launch to check out the platform. Like a restaurant soft open for friends and family to try it out before the crowds come in.

(As an engineer with very little artistic talent, I am focused on function first, with a beautiful site design coming soon after!)

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Beta Privacy

Personal Identifying Information (PII) submitted shall be used only to send an invitation to sign up as an early user for our Platform Beta. Once that email message is sent, your personal contact information will be deleted. It will not be shared in any way beyond this project beta invitation process in the interim. You will be in our esteemed Alpha group, for which we will show our appreciation over time.

Other information submissions, including the location you select, are optional, and will be used to help measure how far we reach for invitations to the Beta Launch. Aggregate information will be saved without corresponding personal identifying information.

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