Oh I get by with a little help from my friends.

The Beatles

Partial List of Friends

Family Backers

Any startup project, especially the super-small solo projects, need all the help they can get, from friends (some listed below) and family pretty much every time. It all started with the entrepreneurial nature+nurture imparted to me by my parents, which pushed and pulled me through all kinds of adventures in general, and throughout this project. The massive project detour taken after the residential fire of April 2013 would have derailed the whole undertaking without their support and encouragement, for which I am thankful.

Food Truck Nerd

Long-time friend and a true food truck fan, there are few people as decent and genuine as Bill is. His talent and sense of humor can be heard and read in his podcasts and written portions of his blog, and certainly in person. He and his family have been supportive not only of me and this project, but of this whole mobile food movement. It is all better for their participation.

Sean the SO'B

Another long-time friend from the good old days, Sean played a role that has yet to see an end, as soon as he's done hacking on Java and Python stuff at some day gig I'm hoping he can make that role something interesting. In the mean time he helped make this project launch over a couple of critical hurdles, for that the entire staff of is grateful.

Veggie Truckin'

Veggie Truckin' Laura and Kyle have been strong influencers on some of the viewpoints that will become apparent in the menu item breakdown within Several discussions about how to find mobile food that satisfies one's requirements and how it could be made a little bit easier, coupled with outings and meetups with them at various mobile food events and with individual trucks at lunchtime have provided great insight into what is lacking in food search. Hopefully the approach we take here will help those with special food wants and needs to find the mobile food vendors with the menu items they're looking for, whenever and wherever they make themselves appear on menus…

Partial List of Mobile Vendors


MoBowl was one of the first trucks I visited where I actually got to know the owner, Kevin Wu, who is about as nice a guy as you're going to find, in or out of a food truck. He shared some of the challenges owners face in day-to-day operations, some ideas and thoughts about what could make those day-to-day challenges easier, and along the way he shared a few creative culinary experiments that were almost universally delicious (even the near-misses were pretty tasty). Will has also been super-helpful, I think between Kevin and Will it is fair to say that MoBowl got this project started.

Eat on Monday

I got to know Robert and Carol and Eat on Monday a bit late in the game, as I was becoming more active on the political side of the mobile food landscape in the SF Bay Area. Both were absolutely supportive and continue to be, and their food is delightful. They've been in business for a while, which is not hard to believe if you give them a visit.

Mayo & Mustard

Masa and Becky and their rolling masterpiece factory will forever change your impression of what "Just a sandwich" could be. On top of stellar quality and a creative menu (the food and the looks... being a graphic artist doesn't hurt). Early adopters at every turn, I had the good fortune not only to interact with them during the development process, but I also witnessed firsthand on many occassions how a high-volume, high-quality operation of theirs functions and how good tools can only make their jobs easier. That might mean more sandwiches…

Whisk on Wheels

Consumate Chef Matias Bordaverri caters large events and operates his fine victual vehicle because he likes to get out and meet the people he's cooking for. He's absolutely interesting and genuinely loves what he does, that is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. As he knows, I am a huge fan of the Meatballs and Orzo, but I've also challenged him to make something not-delicious, and he has failed at every turn. Extra special thanks to his former event booker, Maria, for her input and thoughts about this project. Yet more invaluable feedback!