About The Founder

My name is Dan Hugo. I've been an engineer for about 25 years now, working with companies such as Apple Computer, Truevision, Netscape Communications,, Philips Electronics, Palm Incorporated, Jawbone, and most recently, Intel Corporation. There are more, but those are the companies you may have heard of. If it's computer-related, I've probably worked with it.

In 2011 I was developing a web application to help bartenders engage their Regular Customers. Then I visited a Food Truck event in Palo Alto, California called Edgewood Eats. It occurred to me that everything I was thinking about for bartenders and anyone else in the service industry applied to Food Trucks. I was hooked!

I had long conversations with many owners in the San Francisco Bay Area about the Food Truck marketplace. We formed the Bay Area Mobile Food Vendors' Association, with help from the well-known SoCalMFVA, which has set the bar for mobile food vendor support and success in the Southern California region.

As well I worked on board five different food trucks, organized events, worked with event organizers large and small, I worked with the City of Sunnyvale and the City of Mountain View on behalf of our owners' association as its Director to make regulations that applied to mobile food vending fair and reasonable, and along with Matt Geller from SoCalMFVA and Bert Gall from the Institute for Justice, I spoke to law students about Mobile Food Vending Regulations in California at USF, Stanford, and Berkeley law schools.

An early-morning house fire in April 2013 brought me from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas to reboot (with less stuff!), my time working with brilliant Makers around the USA and beyond with Intel provided a very educational diversion, and after a massive layoff there, I decided it was time to bring this idea to life. With my business travel I was able to see just how much mobile vending and how many business possibilities exist all around the world, and it made sense to expand the scope of this platform to include Trucks, Trailers, Tents, Carts, Booths, Stands, Stalls, and even Bikes and Boats. On top of that, there are countless vendors of non-food items as well, and we all want to work with event organizers large and small to reach customers! As the Founder, CEO, CTO, CMO, and temporary web designer, I am taking what I learned and applying it directly to this platform, and everything my customers have to say about it moving forward can be applied directly to the project… every mobile vendor is always learning, and I will code it if it makes the world an easier place to do business in.

Thus, I invite mobile vendors to join me as subscribers to this experiment, and I invite everyone everywhere looking for mobile vendors to participate in your carnivals, festivals, faires, and lunches, to use these tools for free. If there is one thing I have learned since I was 10 years old bussing tables at my family restaurant, it's that this is a challenging type of business (food or otherwise), and your favorite food truck or art stand might not be in the same place the next time you go to visit. There will be no gouging here, the goal is to offer high value and a fair, flat subscription price. If my customers can reach more of their customers, everybody wins!